Friday, June 1, 2012


DO REAL MEN LOVE CANDLES?  As We Know Fathers Day is just in a few weeks. I took a poll to see if men would buy candles for themselves and 7 out of 10 men would.  We have a perfect line of Masculine Scents that Men would LOVE.  

CK One (type)

Designer fragrance with a strong musky, ambery background.*


Smells just like a pot of fresh brewed black coffee.

Cool Water (Men's type)

A fresh modern fougere with a citrus top note enhanced by a hint of green, with a heart of flowers on a background of amber, musk, moss, sandalwood, and cedar.*

Drakkar Noir (Men's type)

Modern "fougere" bergamot, lavender, oakmoss and woods.*

Eternity (Men's type)

Smells just like the popular men's designer fragrance.*

This is just an example of the Masculine Scents Hunnyb's carry.  

Leather and Fireside and Firewood is some of the most popular scents that men said that they would buy for themselves.  And the most popular jar was our new Hunnyb's HunnyJar is the main one that men said they would buy.  

So spoil your husband, father, boyfriend, brother with one of our Masculine Scents for Fathers Day.


Friday, April 13, 2012

The BuzzZZZzzzzz!!!!!!: The BuzzZZZzzzzz!!!!!!: Spring time Buzzz

The BuzzZZZzzzzz!!!!!!: The BuzzZZZzzzzz!!!!!!: Spring time Buzzz: The BuzzZZZzzzzz!!!!!!: Spring time Buzzz : Look at our wonderful Spring pot collection, just in time for Mother's day!   There is nothing t...

The BuzzZZZzzzzz!!!!!!: Spring time Buzzz

The BuzzZZZzzzzz!!!!!!: Spring time Buzzz: Look at our wonderful Spring pot collection, just in time for Mother's day!   There is nothing that will brighten up your mother's day li...

Spring time Buzzz

Look at our wonderful Spring pot collection, just in time for Mother's day!  
There is nothing that will brighten up your mother's day like receiving one or more of these cheerful pots with your favorite Hunny B Spring scent.

Time for a retro flashback!  Combine these retro-spring pots with your favorite scent and brighten up any room with these fun retro-spring pots.

These adorable polka-pots would be a great gift to brighten up any one's day, combined with their favorite Hunny B's scent, or try from a few of our favorites, such as Tulips, Honeysuckle, Gardenia or alluring Jasmine. Bring a little spring time to someone today!

Make sure you come to our website and order from these, or many other wonderful gift ideas for your loving Mother Today!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fillin The Love "Sweet Scents for the Sweethearts in your Life!"

As we prepare to celebrate and honor those we love this Valentine’s Day there couldn’t “bee” a more special gift than that of a HunnyB candle!

Chocolates, roses and candles…who could ask for more???  You can create the perfect setting for your romantic dinner with our retro shade to cover your wine glass.  We will give you six tea lights…yes, free tea lights with purchase of a retro shade.

Do you prefer the sweetness of Valentine’s Day?  Our cupcake candle filled with your favorite scent is sure to please that special someone.

If you simply want to say, “I love you” let me suggest the red frosted tumbler filled with the valentine scent of your choice.  When it burns it has the soft glow shining through the frosted glass that provides the perfect setting for love and romance!

Our Valentine Scents include the following:
Amber   Powder, Chardonnay, Endless Love, Forbidden Fantasy,
Red Hot Cinnamon, Love Spell, Rose Petals, Forever Romance, Pink,
Strawberries and Champagne, Very Sexy For Her, Raspberry Chocolate Drizzle
From sweet to sensuous we have exactly what you need to make this Valentine’s Day one that your special someone will remember!
We thank each of you for being such sweet customers and for filling our hive with so much joy!
Happy Valentine’s Day from HunnyB’s!
Lorri  J

Saturday, October 22, 2011

It's Soytastic!

Guest blogger Cresta McGowan is here to share a few words about HunnyB Soy Candles.  If you would like to read more musing from her mind, visit her blog at

Soy.  We all know the health benefits - soy beans, soy milk, soy yogurt, soy ice cream, soy cheese.  Low calorie, good for you, plenty of protein, and next to little, if any, cholesterol.  But I've found a new way to spread the goodness of soy through my house - candles!

That's right - soy candles.  Soy candles are non-toxic (you know that nasty black ring around the top of a candle - that's soot, the very same soot that remains after a fire but with a soy candle, no soot!), they burn clean, and they last longer than traditional wax candles.  How do I know this?  I have a few.

I recently entered into the world of Soy candles when a friend of mine started her own business: HunnyB Soy Candle Company.   My first candle purchase was for Breast Cancer Awareness, which I bought for my friend Kellie.  The smell of the candle and smooth appearance of the wax was so fantastic I almost didn't give the gift away! The scent was a warm vanilla sugar and it was so good, I wanted to eat it.  Which I probably could, since it's soy based - but I don't recommend doing this.  The hand-painted terra cotta pot was the absolute perfect touch to the candle.  A company that makes a quaility product and cares - that is something I can get behind.

Right now I'm burning a pumpkin pie spice scent that is part of the fall collection and my house smells heavenly.  I also have a red hot cinnamon in one of the Halloween festive jars that is scintillating.

Each order comes with burning instructions and a pamphlet of information about becoming a member of the candle club.  The candles are well-priced and of excellent quality.

Another fantastic feature of the HunnyB Soy Candle Company is the opportunity to do a fundraiser.

They will ship candles, too.  I live in TN and this is a TX based organization.  They ship throughout the United States and Canada (eh!).  The candles came right to my door and packaging was well-done.  If you are looking for a holiday present that will not disappoint, soy candles are certainly the go to gift.  My house has never smelled so good!

The HunnyB Soy Candle company can be found online at or on Facebook.  Phone contact is (512) 487-2701 and email is

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fundraiser With Hunnyb's

Hello Buzzzzz Readers!!!

HunnyB’s has been busy buzzing around South Austin, Kyle and San Antonio!  You thought the holiday season was fast approaching didn’t you?  Well, it certainly is but right now the "Fundraising Season" is in full swing at HunnyB Soy Candle Company. 

We are proud to have fundraisers in three cities in the month of November.  HunnyB Soy Candle Company is one that enjoys the opportunity of helping our communities in their efforts to raise funds.  The candles purchased through our fundraisers will not only make many homes smell simply scrumptious, but they will also help groups of individuals achieve their goals through a worthy fundraiser.

We are also excited to be participating in three craft shows in the month of November.  We’ll be buzzing around Kyle on November 5th, in New Braunfels on November 12th and then to Austin on November 19th.

Yes, we are buzzzzzy bees and so appreciate each opportunity to share our products with super groups around the area!  If you would like to check out our fundraising brochure visit our website at

If you are in need of a fundraiser just give us a “buzz!”